The biggest hurdles to overcome are related to funding, missing skills, and the ability to scale quickly. Ideascout can match you with a solution. Overcome the hurdles and fast track success.

We usually work with entrepreneurs in three situations:


You have begun the startup journey and have encountered some of the challenges involved in proving your idea is viable in the real world. You are encountering a roadblock that is slowing or preventing your company’s growth and could use some help in navigating this and other hurdles. A strategic partnership can help accelerate your growth model by accessing resources and market opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Ideascout was created to help Canadian innovation succeed, let us introduce you to partnerships that can help your business thrive.

An entrepreneur’s job is to manage risk during a period of high uncertainty.

As you have experienced, there is a lot of uncertainty. Accessing Ideascout’s network of high value partnerships can get your business the resources you need to overcome growth hurdles. Mitigate your risk by strengthening your support network.

We connect ideas to the resources they need. Simple.

Our recipe: we have a network of high net-worth proven business people with money and sales connections worldwide. We combine them and the idea inside of a business generating machine to create successful startups.

What is successful? A startup that proves it has a market, proves it can deliver to that market, and then is able to scale into a thriving business.

What does Ideascout need to start?

To start the conversation we need to know what you have been working on, or what you want to work on. We can go from there.

Briefly – we mean one, maybe two paragraphs – describe the synopsis of your idea. You don’t have to give it all away, there will be time for deeper details if we think we can make your idea a winner. You are also an important piece of the puzzle, so fill us in on you!

Why Ideascout?

There is a lot to know, a lot to learn, and a lot to overcome to take an idea and make it into a prosperous business. Using Ideascout’s network gives you access to business experience, funding and the chance to grow quickly. Refine your skills and build new ones by doing, not talking. Define the role you will thrive in and together we will develop a strategy for success.


Out of the Red and into the Black. Resurrect your venture and convert it into a profitable venture.

Money can run out, partnerships falter, a pivot/persevere moment was ignored, or sufficient strategy wasn’t in place. Many startups fall on hard times. The idea could still be great, if just an opportunity would present itself…

You can overcome your challenges with Ideascout’s network.

What Ideascout needs to start…

Share what you’ve been working on, where you think you need help, and tell us about yourself and your experience. We can go from there.
Like a phoenix…

Turn things around by getting yourself attached to sound business strategy, a team of dedicated startup professionals, money for growth, and sales connections for international scaled growth.

It all starts with a conversation. / Open the door and have the conversation.
Let us know you are out there!


The need to scale effectively is felt by every startup venture.

Tap into Ideascout’s partnership network to accelerate your company’s growth strategy. Our network has established sales channels in large and hard to reach markets globally.

Tells us what you’ve done, we’ll see where we can go.


Get updates from Ideascout. Develop your business skills, be guided by talented startup mentors, build your venture.

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